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If you’re looking for a fun, active, colorful game, then Monster Legends Hack is definitely the one for you! The game is available for both Android and iOS but it can also be played on Facebook if you’re more into browser games. Developed by Social Point, this action RPG is very popular on Android (10 million+ downloads and a general score of 4.5) and can be installed for free. Of course, you will have to deal with ads and there are in-app purchases which give you the upper hand if you want to invest real money in your monsters.

monster legends hack ios android

The story

Monster Legends has quite a creative story that involves magic and warlocks. When you first open the game, you find out that the monsters were once regular people in a land far, far away. Their world was decimated by a catastrophic event and their only escape was through a magic portal opened by their wizard. However, while traveling through the portal, something went terribly wrong and they got transformed into weird-looking monsters.

The Gameplay

Now, that you know the real story behind these creatures, you will definitely start to resonate with them (if you weren’t already). You’ll also love the action of the game which is divided between gathering monsters and building a whole new world for them.  This is actually the thing that makes Monster Legends Hack really special and interesting: the fact that you’re not focused on a single line of action.

First let’s talk about building the wonderful world of monsters. You have the possibility to create a monsters paradise on a remote island in the middle of nowhere. Monsters love to have a friendly, homey habitat so the little ones can grow up strong and happy. That’s why your job is to build farms, add temples, and create the world of your dreams as you advance in the game.  The fun part is that with each great holiday or big world event, there are new islands with specific teams to conquer and make yours.

Now, as you develop your unique world, you will need more monsters to defend it. For this, you can breed them by hatching cute little monsters from eggs. There are over 300 monsters available and every week brings a new creature in your possible collection. However, be careful as each monster has its own breeding and growing needs. Even more, you can create unique hybrids with a completely new set of skills.

Now, once your monsters are big enough, it’s time to train them for battle. This is actually one of the most interesting parts in Monster Legends Hack as you’ll get to see your cute little monsters evolve into ferocious beasts that can break your enemies’ troops.

The action

In Monster Legends Hack, the action is thrilling and many users appreciate the high-quality video and flawless movement of this game. Now, you can either challenge a friend into a PvP (player vs. player) battle in the Monster Arena, or you can access the Adventure mode in a 3 on 3 combat action. Even more, there are special events you can enroll your monsters in and win generous treasures and rewards with your monsters. If you need more strength, you can always team up with a friend and join your forces against a common enemy.

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