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Do you like farming and working outside but you still live in the city? It yes, the only way you can follow your passion is to play Hay Day Hack. Developed by Supercell, Hay Day Hack is one of the biggest farming games in the history of online platforms! With over 100 million downloads on Android alone, the game conquered the world with amazing graphics and cute, fuzzy animals.

But what makes this game so special? After all, there are thousands of farming games out there, right? Well, Hay Day Hack starts by introducing you to a perfect countryside world where there are a ton of things to do from harvesting the crop to feeding the sheep. You also get to have interesting activities like going fishing or traveling and this makes the game interesting and fun.

Of course, this is a freemium version which means everyone can play, but if you want to get ahead, you might have to invest some real-life money.

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The gameplay

As the player, you receive notice from your uncle who can’t take care of the family farm anymore. He asks you to take over and make sure everything is well taken care of while he is recovering. The game starts with a cute and quick tutorial where a scarecrow will teach you everything about harvesting wheat (the main resource on your farm).

As your farms grow, you will learn to cultivate vegetables, grow animals (chicken, sheep, pigs), and extend the farm. However, like every good farmer, you will also have to learn the art of trade and negotiation. To earn money to buy animals and seeds, you will have to sell the goods your farm is producing (wheat for instance). With every sale, you earn coins and XP (experience points) which allow you to buy buildings and decorations to make the farm the most amazing in the area.

There is also a social feature in Hay Day Hack as you have the possibility to collaborate with your neighbors and friends. Thus, you can exchange goods and help each other out when the time comes.

Features we loved in Hay Day Hack

The game is filled with the joy of farming and moving freely in nature. And, if you love these things, you will definitely feel a lot happier after playing with your cute and fuzzy animals at the farm. You can even have pets!

We also loved the great graphic details – the game uses warm colors like green and yellow to create a gorgeous countryside environment and the soundtrack is definitely interesting. Even more, everything is well-designed and all the images are in HD while the movement is smooth. This is quite amazing for a game that can get quite crowded on a small screen.

Another feature we loved is the diversity of activities. I mean you’re not just planting and harvesting crops. You also can customize the farm by adding new buildings (and new functions), create a roadside shop where you get to trade goods, do various chores with a truck or a steamboat, repair and maintain various items at the farm, and even build your own town.

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