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Flappy Bird is one of those online games that will remain in history for the craze they created among users. If you were old enough to read and play online games in 2014, you definitely remember how the entire internet went crazy over a pixelated small bird. Not only was the game highly addictive, but people even suffered losses for it (usually damaged devices out of frustration).

So how did such a simple game managed to create such a storm? Well, let’s take a look at the gameplay and see the main elements.

The gameplay

First of all, Flappy Bird is a side-scroller where the action happens in a horizontal plan. Your only job, as a player, is to maintain the bird (called Faby) in the air and move through a series of green pipes that come at you from the side. Now the pipes can be longer or shorter and they can come at different speeds so your entire focus is required. When a player touches the pipe, Faby dies. To keep Faby in the air, you have to tap on the screen so it can flap its wings. Otherwise, the bird falls and the game is over.

There are also a series of medals awarded for the ones who manage to stick through at least 10 points. Thus, you get:

  • A bronze medal for scores between 10 and 20
  • A silver medal for scores above 20
  • A gold medal for 30+ scores
  • A platinum medal for the scores of 40 and higher.

Now, the graphics is extremely simple and the pixelated aspect and the green pipes make you think about Mario, another beloved game of our childhood. This is actually one of the main reasons why the game faced many plagiarism allegations – none were proven true. However, even though the game is not available anymore, you will find many other games built on the same idea and pattern.

Another reason that makes this game addictive is the level of difficulty. The main character (the bird) is difficult to control and you need a special set of skills to react in time to get it through all the pipes. This created an enormous craze in 2014 and some users even damaged their devices out of frustration. As the game builds up, the adrenaline levels increase and the players are completely emerged in the game experience. So, even though the game looks simple, it has a special kind of magic that keeps you there, body and soul.

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