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I started playing games as a five-year-old and, thanks to my extremely supportive family, I got to live the dream: I became a game tester and, later on, an amateur mobile game developer. As you can guess, my passion is video games and everything related which is why I decided to share my thoughts and ideas with you, guys.

I love both console and PC games, but my latest interest is in mobile gaming (as a gamer and a developer). I am fascinated by the boom that took place in the last few years! With the technological improvement that brought us the Internet on mobile devices, the mobile gaming industry exploded with a wide range of great games. I mean the simple fact that we can actually play MOBA or Minecraft on our phones is absolutely mesmerizing!

As a gamer, I can relate to those of you who invest countless hours in one quest. I know what it means to be completely separated from the real world just to beat the latest boss. However, as a developer, I always try to create a balance between the game and the world outside. This is why I believe that the social component in games is extremely important. Regardless of the fact that there is a powerful community built around the game or you simply connect via Facebook, mobile games give you the possibility to challenge friends and meet new people.

I bet you all have your favorite game or series of games and I can’t wait to hear about them! You can always leave me messages or comments about topics you would love to read about and I will do my best to comply. I hope we will manage to create a big online community built around our love for video games and amazing stories.

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